An NFL Player’s Daughter Just Challenged Riley Curry

Every generation has their iconic female celebrity throw down: Angelina vs. Jenn, Lindsay Lohan vs. Hillary Duff, Paris Hilton vs. Kim Kardashian, and now Leah Still vs. Riley Curry.



Leah Still is the daughter of an NFL player. You've never heard of him unless you spend your time paying attention to irrelevant football teams, sorry Cincinnati Bengals. She's a cute kid and she has cancer, which is a super buzz kill. Well, Leah decided to challenge Riley to a Nae Nae competition. And Riley was like “are you challenging me to a walk off? Don't you know I'm cute as fuck?”

Here's the breakdown:


Leah is 5 years old and already won an ESPY.

Riley is 3 years old and already claimed her father's NBA Championship trophy.



Leah wears a floral headband better than Blair Waldorf.

Riley made an XL t-shirt look chic (imagine what she could do for Kanye West's fashion line).



Leah was all about performing for the camera and connecting with her audience.

Riley was feeling her look and could give a shit about the paparazzi/mom filming her.


Leah has the better whip.

Riley has the better nae nae.

It's basically a tie as of right now, but Riley has yet to respond to Leah threatening her betch throne. Maybe the stanky leg can settle this one?


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