Watch Amy Schumer Drunk Eat Jake Gyllenhaal’s Cake

Former betch of the week has won our hearts again with her appearance on Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Apparently, Amy and her sister were living in Jake Gyllenhaal’s house because he assumingly upgraded but still wanted to make some cash from renting it out. And during this time of celebrity sublet, Amy would come home drunk and eat a frozen left behind cake in Jake’s freezer and pretend she was bro-ing out with him.

She actually brings a clip in of this exact thing, which is just so brave. We don’t even have that selflessness to post a video of our drunk eating online, Snapchat is about as adventurous as we’d get. But as we all know too well, the light of the refrigerator is our shining torch when we come home wasted.  Like the blue glow of our phone comforts us, so does the white light promise of queso, frozen pizza, and apparently, old frozen cake from the fridge.

Unfortunately for Amy, that cake looked like it had a little bit of mold on it, but she’s alive so must have made it through.  Schumer keeps it real with her drunk eating on a Chrissy Teigen level, and we applaud that. Cheers, with a mouthful of cake.




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