America’s Next Top Model Is Coming Back

Less than three months after it initially ended in December, Tyra Banks has announced that there will be a new season of America’s Next Top Model. ::The three people who still watch it start crying.:: Seriously we haven’t watched ANTM in years, but there are going to be some changes in the rebooted version.

The biggest change is that there won’t be any Tyra. Yeah. She’s still an executive producer, but said that she needs to focus on “new business endeavors,” which probably means she’s fucking sick of judging terrible photos of girls who will never be models. Also, the show will be moving from The CW to VH1, which is like moving from a basement apartment to being homeless. The last time anyone cared about a show on VH1 was never, so good luck with that. The show is also moving back to New York City, so we’re sure to get a nice montage of the girls running around the city like they’ve never seen a building taller than their barn back home.

There’s no premiere date for the new season yet, but we’ll be sure not to tell you.


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