Time To Lower Your Dating Standards Because Americans Aren’t Getting Taller

If you’re one of those people who only dates tall guys and/or puts your height on your Tinder profile (which, why?) you may want to rethink your standards soon because Americans are getting shorter. The news comes from a study that looked at height data across a bunch of different countries, which sounds incredibly unexciting and now I’m basically asleep.

Essentially, the takeaway is that back in the day, like in 1914, American men and women were the third and fourth tallest in the world, respectively. Score! Two years ago, though, we were the 37th and 42nd tallest. Bummer. No shocker at all here, but experts are pointing to our shitty diets for stunting our growth. Remember that time your mom wouldn’t let you drink Diet Coke in 2nd grade because she said it would make you stop growing? Well, nobody looked at Diet Coke specifically and I’m probably just wildly speculating here, but she may have had a point.

Then again, since many Americans’ beliefs (along with our political environment and possibly our laws) are reverting back to what they were in 1914, maybe the average American’s height will, too.


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