American Apparel Email Leaked Saying The Company Doesn’t Want Anymore Thots and Hoes To Model

American Apparel public relations people fucked up…again. ICYMI American Apparel was the absolute best place to get clothes for any themed party, especially for faux raves – nothing said I'm cool like metallic leggings. After the former-CEO was fired because he was using the models as his own personal prostitution ring, the new management team is trying to make American Apparel less offensive to women by making it less “sexy” and more edgy. Like sure, maybe don't have soft-core porn on your billboards, but also it was the best way to sell spandex dresses and mesh bandeaus.

The company that was hired to find new models for the company sent an email that read the “Company is going through a rebranding image so will be shooting models moving forward. Real models. Not Instagram hoes or thots.” LOL. Aka we want Kendall Jenner not Amber Rose.

























People threw bitch fits about this email because they think it's discriminatory towards women of different body types. Obvi they've never seen the “models” of Instagram, it's a range from girls who think they're really pretty to unemployed porn stars. The person who sent the email apologized, but still emphasized that this was an important distinction to make about the types of models American Apparel wanted. You can't trust just anybody to model $40 tube socks.


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