Amanda Bynes Has Started Her Comeback Tour

It’s been a hot minute since we heard anything about Amanda Bynes, but our old girl is back from the dead, and she did a YouTube interview because that’s what you do when you’re tryna revive your career. The interview, which was held by Hollyscoop‘s Diana Madison, is Bynes’ first interview since her very public drug induced breakdown that was both hilarious and very, very sad. In the interview, she quickly confirms that she would still let Drake murder her vagina (same), even though she was *shocker* on drugs when she originally tweeted about it.

I feel you, Amanda. I’ve tweeted a lot of true shit while on drugs myself. 

Bynes also says she wants to be an actress again, and that she would love to start with guest roles on TV shows. In case you’re not familiar, that’s Hollywood lingo for “I NEED MONEY, I SPENT ALL OF MINE ON DRUGS.” Amanda doesn’t seem to have any projects in the works yet, but surely she’ll make a huge comeback on like The Big Bang Theory or some other show you couldn’t pay us to watch.

Either that, or she’ll do a She’s The Man sequel, in which case, we’ve never been more on board with anything in our entire lives. 

So what has Amanda been doing since we last saw her flailing like a maniac on a stairmaster? Basically every basic activity you can think of. She’s in fashion school in LA, naturally, and she says that she loves learning to sew and make patterns. Sounds like we’ve got the next Betsy Ross on our hands. Amanda also loves hiking and spin classes, which probably means she hikes for the Instagram and spins for the Snapchat story. Amanda! She’s just like us! She also feeds the homeless, which she says is “really interesting and fun.” So I guess she’s not really that much like us at all. 

As for Diana, the rando girl doing the interview, she’s totally up Amanda’s ass the entire time. She basically starts screaming when Amanda says she wants to get back into acting, laughs way too hard at things that aren’t even jokes, and suggests she’s also “good friends with Blac Chyna.” Diana definitely can’t sit with us. Amanda seems very calm cool and collected the whole time, but that might just be the Xanax talking. Again, same. 

Overall, Amanda looks good and seems normal, even if the lace top she’s wearing is very 2014 (coincidentally, the year of her breakdown.) We’re moderately interested to see what she does in this new phase of her life, even if it’s a lot less exciting than wearing a blue wig and smashing a bong out your window. 

Watch the entire interview here but skip the parts where the interviewer is talking because she’s truly annoying AF: