Amanda Bynes Crazy Weekend Twitter Recap: Mandy Watch

While everyone was on vaca this weekend waiting for the sun to stop being so #108 late, Mandy Bynes kept up her crazy on twitter, for those who were sober enough to read twitter. I feel seriously bad for the TMZ intern who was responsible for staying in and checking this shit all weekend.

In case you missed it, Mandy had quite the thirsty Thursday, which led to Friday morning's court appearance, a mug shot which made her want another nose job, and this essay-tweet:

So after throwing her bong (“vase”) out the window of her 36th floor apartment and spending the night in jail, she obviously felt a little stressed. Instead of turning to the weed she doesn't smoke in order to calm herself, Mandy decided to throw out your everyday unprovoked verbal attack on Rihanna.

She later deleted these and claimed she never tweeted them…hm okay, the internet isn't written in pencil Mandy, it's written in ink. But just as we thought Bynes had made a seamless career change from fucked up childhood actress to internet troll, Bad Gal Riri decided to actually acknowledge her and respond.

Rihanna: 1, Mandy: 0.

Ok Mandy, we all know Rihanna does drugs because she freely instagrams it, and we all know you smoke weed because TMZ filmed it in your car, so why are you attacking her when clearly you'd have a much better time if you two just met up and combined weed strains.

You'd think that a broken bong, a fight with Rihanna, and a night at the psych ward would've been enough excitement for the holiday weekend but no, Mandy again took to twitter to write what some might call a legal brief on crack. I mean, this girl WAS Judge Trudy, clearly she knows something.

Wait, music videos? I thought she was going to design clothes! Another nose job? What's next, she dyes herself black to impress Drake? I think we found the next Michael Jackson.


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