Alpha Phi At The University Of Alabama Is In Deep Shit For Racially Homogenous Recruitment Video

The Alpha Phi sorority at the University of Alabama is under fire for a “racially homogenous” recruitment video that “does more damage for women than Donald Trump.” The video, which has since been removed, shows a bunch of blondes flouncing around in all white and holding hands.

Another scene shows a group of sisters with full faces of make up sprint towards a lake then coyly sit on a dock and blow kisses at a professionally panning camera. Sometimes they’re pretending to talk in their living room with soft house music, sometimes they’re dancing around in ‘Bama jerseys in a stadium. It’s like they were given a professional camera crew and told to embody every sorority stereotype, but we’re pretty sure they’re serious.

Since the outcry, the video has been pulled from the internet and the chapter’s Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr pages have all been deleted. The complaint that these women don’t exemplify self-respecting academia is valid, but my question is who ever expected them to anyway? Surprisingly recruitment didn't take a hit. The school has its largest pledge class ever this year, because yes, they start school this early in the south.


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