All The Ways NOT To Wear The Corduroy Trend

This season, it looks like we’re taking fashion tips from our favorite childhood book character (and no, I’m not referring to Pooh and his trendy crop tops). Rather, I’m referring to the underrated trendsetter of bears: Corduroy. This beloved (and supes stylish) bear was clearly ahead of his time, because corduroy is a HUGE trend for fall. Corduroy, or dare I say the Anna Wintour of bears, did it right in his corduroy overalls. But unlike our favorite fashionable bear, not everyone gets this trend right. And, as is the case with every trend, there’s a right way to do it, and a wrong way. I understand that for those who are less fashion-savvy, corduroy can definitely be intimidating. So how does one pull off the corduroy trend without looking like a first grader on picture day in her best OshKosh B’Gosh??? Well, ladies, here’s how. Let’s start with the “dos.”

How To Pull Off The Corduroy Trend


When it comes to corduroy pants, you definitely want to go corduroy trousers over a corduroy skinny. A corduroy trouser has a more effortlessly stylish cool-girl vibe, whereas a corduroy skinny has a more grade-school-substitute-teacher vibe. And, as much as we all loved having a substitute teacher back in the day, tbh, no one wants to actually look like her.

LF Markey Fat Boys Corduroy Trouser Pant


A corduroy skirt is cute and innocent, yet flirty and playful. The corduroy material makes your otherwise non-seasonally-appropriate miniskirt totally appropriate. So take that, Karen in HR!

Free People Modern Femme Cord Mini


Fashion icon, Corduroy, went with overalls for his trendy fall look. But, for a more feminine look, I’d go with a jumper instead. A corduroy jumper is a chic and stylish way to wear the trend for fall. Plus, you can wear it over a simple long sleeve or a graphic tee and, just like that, you easily have an outfit option that’s stylish af.

Moon River Corduroy Skirtall Overall

How NOT To Attempt The Corduroy Trend

Bucket Hat

I mean, this should go without saying, but corduroy bucket hats are a hard no. I don’t even feel comfortable typing out those three words together, let alone wearing one of those hideous monstrosities. Smh, let’s just leave the bucket hats to frat boys at daylongs already, okay???

Urban Outfitters Bucket Hat


This is just….no. Not gonna lie, I do feel like my girl Lizzie McGuire would have loved this weird little corduroy bag. But, then again, as much as it pains me to say, Lizzie doesn’t always know best (i.e. when she made out with Gordo in Italy and repeated outfits). So, as much as I love the unofficial inventor of Bitmoji, we can’t be trusting her with our fashion choices—especially not this one. Say no, guys.

Urban OutfittersCorduroy Baguette Bag

Multiple Trends

Trying to do too many trends at once is never a good look. It’s basically a dead giveaway that you’re trying too hard to be fashionable. Same goes for corduroy. If you want to wear corduroy, then just stick with that. Don’t try to mix in any other trends, like corduroy in neon colors, or these atrocious corduroy biker shorts. Unless you’re Kendall Jenner, it’s going to be pretty hard to wear these and not look like a grandpa with war stories to tell. And not in a good way.

Free People Cord Biker Shorts

Basically, corduroy is vvv trendy for fall and, if you pull off the corduroy trend correctly, it can be super cute. Just use your best judgment here, and stay away from things like bucket hats. But like, especially corduroy bucket hats. It’s honestly not that hard.

Images: Kal Loftus / Unsplash; Urban Outfitters (4); Free People (2)
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