All The Times Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly Did Too Much

When Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly first started dating, I—like other pop-culture obsessed millennials—was their biggest fan. In fact, I even posted an Instagram pic with the caption “the only thing hotter than this summer is MGK and Megan Fox”. Contrived, I know, but it speaks volumes about my appreciation for this punk rock/alternative guy who was dating the coolest, most elusive girl in town. 

But just like Hilaria Baldwin and her love for Spain, Megan and MGK have taken their relationship a *little* too far… and by a little, I mean they’ve officially reached a cringe level rivaled only by Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker. It’s the constant PDA, uncomfortable interview soundbites, and overly flirty Instagram exchanges for me. 

ICYMI, think of them as that couple from high school who’d mistake the mall food court as their bedroom, put each other’s initials in their BBM status, and have a FB album titled ~*true love*~ that was filled with Picnik-edited photos (IYKYK). They’re obsessed with each other, and want the world to know. 

And although they’ve never gifted us an air of mystery about their relationship, they’ve given us more yikes moments than a Taylor Swift fan has stan accounts. So let’s take a look at some of their cringiest couple moments, ranked from least to most palatable. 

The Nylon Interview

Megan told Nylon, “I looked into his eyes [and] I felt the most pristine, most gentle, most pure spirit. My heart shattered immediately and I just knew that I was f*cked.” She went on to describe their relationship as having “mythic proportions”, while MGK noted he felt safe with her. WTF?? It sounds like these two read WAY too much Tumblr poetry back in the day. TMI, over-the-top, and WAY too emotionally in-touch with their feelings. 

The Airbnb Table IG Post


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ICYMI: Megan posted a mirror selfie captioned, “When I tell you that the table at this air bnb saw some things”. Rather than letting the public wonder if “some things” meant she sat at the table sobbing while watching Frozen for the 77th time, or that a Molly’s Game-style poker tourney took place the night before, MGK cleared up the uncertainty by commenting “I’m really glad that’s not our table anymore.” Weird flex, much? I mean, it’s cute when Kathy Hilton uses Instagram comments as a substitute for DMs, but in this case, how many people do you think texted Megan/MGK saying “yo, just an FYI that was on your public account, not your finsta”? I hope they at least waited until after their Airbnb host reviewed them before posting it.

The 2021 VMAs Interview

After Megan referred to MGK as “daddy” live on air (insert puke face emoji), she was asked if she and MGK would be collabing on future music videos. Innocent and expected question, you say? Think again. Megan fired back with a quick answer, “Yeah, he’s not allowed to have other hoes on his music videos. It’s the Queen or no one.” Did anyone else just get a chill down their spine, and not in the “this-true-crime-doc-slaps” good way? 

Mirror Selfies


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I hate to judge (no I don’t), but I’m not sure what makes these photos worse: the fact that they use mirror selfies as their main source of Instagram content, or that the photos almost always feature a messy AF room in the back. Did anyone ask for these low quality pics? No. Will they stop posting them? Probably not. 

Blood Necklace


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It was original (and kinda hot?) when Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton exchanged blood necklaces in 2000. But for some reason, when Megan gifted MGK a drop of her blood encapsulated in a necklace pendant, it felt hacky and attention-seeking… especially because MGK immediately posted it on IG, knowing it would get attention. Like, I’m sure Hollywood people do freaky sh*t like that all the time, but instead the visceral reaction being to blast it on the internet so @maryxoxo987190 knows the inner-workings of their relationship, they keep it private. 

Ditching Avril Lavigne and Mod Sun for Kourtney and Travis

It’s seriously disappointing when a celeb you think is kinda punk-rock sells out. So when Megan and MGK swapped out Avril Lavigne and Mod Sun with Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker during those WeHo double-date night photo ops they take advantage of weekly, it felt like they ditched their alt friends for the popular “in” crowd. And not that I’d ever pass up an opportunity to chill with Kourt, but at the same time this felt like a Mean Girls situation (and yes, I know I’m being dramatic with that comparison, but it tracks).

Images: Kevin Mazur/MTV VMAs 2021/Getty Images for MTV/ ViacomCBS; meganfox (2), machinegunkelly / Instagram

Simrin Purhar
Simrin Purhar
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