Alec Baldwin Arrested in NYC

Alec Baldwin was arrested this morning for DUIBAB, aka Driving Under the Influence of Being Alec Baldwin. JK he was arrested for BIKE RIDING (LOL) the wrong way on 5th Avenue and then when the cops stopped him, he had no ID. Don’t you even know who I am?!, Alec said. Um no, but you definitely look like that actor who wrote a giant magazine article about how you were leaving New York a few months ago but he probably would’ve left already so you can’t be him, the cop replied. 

But more importantly, WTF is Alec Baldwin doing riding his bike up 5th Avenue anyway? Is this his version of Bloomberg’s “I totally take the 6 train all the time”? Let’s be real, he was probably arrested because he was being a dick to the cops and/or they arrested him because that’s like, a really good story to tell at a pregame.

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