Alabama Freshman Arrested For Calling In A Threat Against LSU

It’s no secret how hard some students go for their school’s sporting events. However, this University of Alabama freshman will change your perspective on just how far crazed fans will go for the sake of their team.

On Saturday night, 19-year-old Alabama freshman, Connor Bruce Croll, was arrested for allegedly calling in a threat to Louisiana State University’s Tiger Stadium during their game against the University of Florida, one of the biggest rivalry games of the college football season. Neither LSU nor Alabama officials have released further details about Croll’s threats, but they must have been serious enough that he has been in holding at Tuscaloosa County jail since the incident.

Whatever happened to a good, old-fashioned streaking to disrupt a game? Kids these days. In a past life, these threats may have been brushed off as a harmless joke, but in today’s social and political climate, this sh*t is not to be taken lightly! Some people are genuinely reckless and radical and capable of some scary stuff. Sadly, I wouldn’t put it past a die-hard fan to do something dangerous for the team they love, which makes Croll’s alleged threats even more unsettling.

It’s still unclear what Croll’s actual motives were. Some suspect the threats were called in because of Alabama’s ongoing football rivalry with both LSU and UF. All three schools are a part of the Southeastern Conference (SEC), with LSU ranked at No. 2 (just behind Alabama). Perhaps Croll felt their ranking was too close for comfort, and he needed to disrupt his school’s rivals. Did he watch I, Tonya right before this? Was he was hoping to rattle the players? Was this a failed attempt at a claim to college fame, or a hazing ritual gone wrong? Is he reeeeeally dumb enough to think he’d get away with this? Or is he simply just a messed-up human? Any way you spin it doesn’t make threatening others acceptable, and I can pretty much guarantee this wasn’t how Croll anticipated things going.

On Monday, Alabama spokesman Chris Bryant commented on the allegations saying, “we are aware of the arrest of a UA freshman over the weekend. Threats and pranks can have serious ramifications and necessitate an appropriate response. The university and UAPD are cooperating fully with the investigation, but we cannot provide any additional details on a pending matter… The LSU community has always been gracious to us, and we regret these events.”

There are no official reports about what Croll will be charged with, but Yahoo! Sports reports that he’s being held without bond and is “expected to face charges in Baton Rouge, Louisiana”. In the state of Louisiana you can serve up to 15 years in prison for “disruption of the general public,” according to a report by Tuscaloosa News. You can also face a $15,000 fine (aka one semester of out-of-state-tuition at Alabama). Either way, if the allegations prove to be true, Croll can kiss the “best four years of your life” goodbye.

Evidently, some members of SEC take football wayyyy more seriously than the rest of us. I understand being super invested in a team, and it’s no secret ‘Bama students go all out for the Crimson Tide, but what Croll did is inexcusable. And also very stupid. Let this be an example for anyone considering doing something drastic (or illegal) for their team: Just. F*cking. Don’t!


Dana Samuel
Dana Samuel
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