After Shock on E! Shows Us How Speidi Went Broke and Spencer Pratt Got Fat

Last night E! showed a one hour special on everyone's least favorite couple Heidi Pratt and Spencer Montag. Not that anyone really gives a shit about them anymore, but with The Hills replaying relatively recently on MTV, I couldn't miss out on an opportunity to find out just how far the biggest assholes on 2009 TV had fallen. Turns out Speidi are now broke after blowing $10 million, Heidi deeply regrets turning her body into the closest thing to a breathing sexual mannequin not available in stores, and my personal favorite: Spencer gained fucking 50 pounds from eating pie. Seriously he looks like one of Santa's fat blonde elves. Revenge surely is a betch. Somewhere Lauren Conrad is chilling with her engagement ring and laughing her ass off at her betch arch nemesis. Below is a clip from the show. I love how Jen Bunney is the official insightful mountain top interviewer of Heidi…someone's real busy these days. 



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