Aerial Yoga is the Chillest & Most Instagram Friendly Workout in NYC

Every betch knows there’s no shortage of places in NYC to do yoga, but Om Factory is definitely a distinct one. It’s a Korean import with two studios, one in the Garment District and one in Flatiron. We couldn’t help but think the name was kind of ridic, considering ‘oms’ are definitely not things that you can make in a factory, but shallow criticisms aside, we really liked it. They offer more unique types of far-eastern-sounding yoga classes than I can list here, so TG they have like, a website.

This review is mainly about our experience at aerial yoga, but we also took yoga fight club, budokon yoga, and breakdance yoga (which is no longer being offered, but was definitely an interesting concept).

The Deets:

We took Level 1 aerial yoga, which is the most basic type. In case you haven’t seen people doing it on instagram, aerial yoga is just yoga where you hang in the air with the use of fabrics that seem really light but are actually able to hold like a like truck or something. So don’t be afraid to do it.

The studio is located at 265 West 37th St on the 17th floor. The class is an hour and 15 minutes and you can find the schedule here

How in shape do you have to be? 

Not extremely. As with any yoga class, you never really feel like you’re going to die because you can’t keep up, it’s more like a worst case scenario you just won’t be able to do the pose well or you’ll fall. Happens to the most awkward best of us.

Are you going to be sore the next day?

It depends what type of class you do. After aerial yoga I wasn’t sore. I may have had a bruise on my hip. After breakdance yoga I was sore in spots on my arms I wasn’t even aware had muscles. Fortunately, I don’t typically breakdance on most Saturday nights.

Locker room cleanliness:

There wasn’t really a locker room. They go by the honor system or as they call it “put your shit near you in the yoga room.” There were cubbies for shoes and coat racks which made me felt like I was in 1st grade. While I get it, it’s yoga, we’re in a trustful environment, but we’re also in New York, a place where most people are crack heads or have crazy eyes.

Music Quality:

It didn’t really stand out in aerial. However at the end when we swung in the cocoon pose, best pose ever, the music made me pass the eff out.  Namaste betches.

Is the instructor actually skinny?

Yes, like yoga skinny. She also gave the typical yoga instructor spiel in the beginning about being mindful and conquering your fears and all that bullshit that yogis embrace before sanctifying the sun.

Would you go back?

Yes, aerial is extremely fun. Not like every day though. Not tryina be an acrobat.

Was it a full body workout?

Not REALLY. Like it definitely works your core if you’re doing it properly. But if you’re just hanging for the sake of hanging, the most you’re working is the ceiling beam.


This class was a typical yoga class that incorporates martial arts moves. So like the entire time I felt like I was crouching tiger hidden dragon. There was a point where we did these moves called “animals” where you jump up and down the mat like you’re different animals. Very Pride Rock. Minus the part that it was at the actual crack of dawn, I was really into this class, it was a great yoga class as it worked your core while clearing your mind.

Yoga Fight Club:

The first rule of yoga fight club is you don’t talk about how yoga and kickboxing are completely counterintuitive. So yeah, this is a blend of yoga and kickboxing and surprisingly the transition from the peaceful yoga part to the punching and kicking part was pretty seamless. We went from chaturangas to jumping into squats to chair pose to planks to more squats. If you’re more inclined to do intense kickboxing, I wouldn’t really say this is for you seeing as the kicking and boxing is only half the class and that time is divided because you’re switching off punching and holding pads with a partner. That said, it’s still fun and definitely unique experience, but it was definitely less Om and more Omg I just accidentally punched myself in the face.

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