Adventures in Crazy: Lady Puts Foot Skin in Roomate’s Milk

In this week’s edition of “Crazy Shit People are Doing to Their Roomates,” a Maryland woman decided to change her roomie’s skim milk into skin milk. Yes, it’s as fucking disgusting as it sounds.

Sarah Schrock is now facing felony charges for contaminating and second-degree assault after putting skin shavings in her roommates’ milk.

The St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office said this:

“After one of the victim's swallowed some of the milk, she began to choke on a substance in the milk. She then coughed up the substance and discovered what appeared to be human skin. The second victim swallowed some of the milk and also felt something in the liquid. She immediately began to gag and cough up the milk along with the substance. The third victim poured the milk but never drank it. They subsequently poured the remainder of the milk into a strainer and found what appeared to be human skin shavings in the milk container.”

If you’re not dry-heaving after reading that, then props to you for your total lack of a gag reflex.

After last week’s story about the crazy bitch from South Carolina spraying her roommates’ food with glass cleaner, I thought things couldn’t get worse, but this 56-year-old nut job put fucking foot shavings straight out of a PedEgg into some milk and now I can only live alone.

Not to mention that we already know this lady is crazy as shit for being in her mid-fifties and living with roommates, but this is kind of an unbelievable amount of messed up.  Obviously the gang had not been getting along in the weeks following up to the “incident.” I don’t know, maybe just move the fuck out instead of trying to foot-poison everyone and end up going to jail. So gross.


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