One Of The OG Victoria's Secret Angels May Be Hanging Up Her Wings

Okay, we might be a little too invested in the Victoria’s Secret Angels. Just as we were coming to terms with the retirement of Alessandra Ambrosio, now it looks like another one of our favorite OG Angel might be preparing to hang up her wings: Adriana Lima.

Adriana has been an Angel since 1999, which means she’s looked hot in lingerie since before you were even wearing a training bra. She’s obviously done lots of sexy fashion shows and photo shoots in her career, but now it looks like her values are shifting. She posted on Instagram over the weekend: “I will not take of my clothes anymore for a empty cause….” and we have to say, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is about as empty as it gets.

Adriana Lima

Adriana’s decision was brought about by concerns with body image and how other women struggle to accept their bodies, which might just be a sappy excuse to get out of doing squats, but we get it either way. She’s refusing to embrace the idea that society only wants to see bodies like hers, and she says she wants to “fucking change the world.” You go, girl.

She hasn’t made any official announcements about leaving Victoria’s Secret, but some internet detectives figured out that she’s unfollowed the brand, most of the Angels, and Ed Razek, the senior creative director. So maybe she’s just ghosting them for a bit until she makes up her mind, but her days of wearing the Fantasy Bra are probably over. RIP, it was fun while it lasted.