Adidas Wants To Deliver Workout Clothes Right To Your Doorstep

Do you spend more time shopping at Lululemon than you do at Bloomies? Do you cringe at the sight of girls working out in an oversized sorority tee? Do you wake up in the morning and slip on one of your hundreds of pairs of Nike spandex leggings? And do you want more?

Fitness betch, meet Avenue A: Adidas’ new subscription service of chic athleisure that will arrive at your doorstep four times a year.

Think Birchbox, but instead of beauty products, you’ll be getting the hottest sports bras and running shoes every season. At $150 per box, you can subscribe to receiving a seasonal package, each time designed by a different “fitness artist”—as for what that actually means, your guess is as good as mine. This season’s artist is Nicole Winhoffer, and the box is filled with her personal picks.

For the betch who can run six miles before 8AM but is too lazy to pick out a full workout outfit—Avenue A is for you.


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