If You Didn't See Adele On Tour, You've Missed Your Chance Forever

If crying in an arena with thousands of other people is your thing, you might have missed your prime opportunity. Adele is finishing up her world tour in London this week, and she says she might never go on tour again. That’s right, you might never get another chance pay $75 to sit in traffic and scream the words to “Rolling in the Deep” at your local NBA arena.

If we’re being honest, this isn’t that much of a surprise. Adele has always been a homebody, and she’s not a complete fame whore like Katy Perry. She also has stage fright issues, like when she had to start her song over at the Grammys this year. Her current tour has been a long haul, with 123 shows over 15 months. We’re tired just thinking about it.

She’s finishing her tour with four sold-out shows in London, and the special tour program book has a handwritten note from the queen herself. She says that touring “doesn’t suit me particularly well,” and that she only does it for the fans. She then drops the real truth bomb: “I wanted my final shows to be in London because I don’t know if I’ll ever tour again and so I want my last time to be at home.”

Brb while we eat an entire tub of ice cream and listen to “Someone Like You” on repeat, we promise we’re okay. Now we feel pretty fucking stupid for not going to her concerts when we had the chance, but we can always hope that Adele will get bored or need the money and change her mind.