Abroad Bros Stop Terrorists Instead of Going To Drunk Brunch

Three Americans were on a train from Amsterdam to Paris and stopped a gunman – if you're not already chanting USA, then you're probs not a real American. It was like a real life version of a Mission Impossible scene.

These three bros – one is in the National Guard and another is in the Air Force – saw a passenger with an AK-47, which is a really fucking serious gun. Instead of taking a SnapChat or posing for a Vine, they tackled him to the ground and beat him up. The Americans put him in a chokehold and punched him until he passed out, so imagine the season finale of the Real World for a visual. 

Turns out the guy was a terrorist who was planning on killing the train passengers and has absolutely no chill. The three guys had minor injuries, and they've become international heroes, so a casual Saturday. I'm guessing the Lifetime original movie will be released around Christmas starring a balding Chad Michael Murray.


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