An Ab Toning Workout You Can Do At Your Desk Without Freaking Out Your Coworkers

As much as we respect the girl who gets up at the crack of dawn to make her 6am SoulCycle class, not everyone can do that, and not everyone wants to do that. I mean, being fit is important, but so is an extra 2 hours of sleep, so like, one has to take priority. If you spend all day sitting in a desk and are too lazy don’t have time to squeeze in a workout before or after work, it’s still possible to get a legit ab workout while sitting at your desk. No one even has to know you’re doing it, so like, you’re basically getting paid to get a six-pack. Do each of these moves for 45 seconds, and then repeat the circuit for 2-3 times total:

1. Leg Lifts

This move is exactly what it sounds like, but the key is to lift your legs up while engaging your core, so you’re actually using your abs for the movement and not your legs. When sitting at your desk, keep your legs relatively straight and slowly lift them off the ground and then back down. The trick is to go as slow as possible with these, so if you’re getting like 20 reps in without feeling the burn, you’re not doing it right. Make sure to lose the momentum in your legs and to focus on squeezing your abs with each lift.

2. Torso Twists

Torso twists are the seated version of the Russian Twist, so if you can add some sort of weight to this move, it would be ideal, but if not, don’t start searching around the office for a dumbbell. You’re not going to find one. While seated, twist your torso to the right while engaging your core, and touch the right side of your chair. Then, alternate to the left side without swaying your hips. The key is to keep your upper body still. Make sure you’re twisting with the movement and not just turning from side to side.

3. Side To Side Sweeps

This move is based on the same movement as the leg lifts, but instead of keeping your legs straight in front of you, you’re going to bring them from one side to the other when raising them. This move engages your oblique muscles, which are the defined lines you’ll have on your upper abs if you keep this up. Lift your legs on the right side of your body, then literally sweep them over to the left side and lower. Alternate from side to side and you’ll feel the burn pretty quick.

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4. Flutter Kicks

Flutter kicks are hard enough to do when lying down on a mat, so sitting in a chair without your back supporting you doesn’t make them any easier. However, they’re amazing for your lower abs, so it’s time to kick. Lift your legs up in front of you (they can be slightly bent), and literally kick your feet out in front of you in a little flutter motion. You should feel your lower abs working as you kick, and the movement should be small and controlled. Just make sure you don’t have random wires or a printer under your desk that could be broken. Like, we want abs, but not enough to get fired over them.

5. Elbow Side Crunches

This last move works the sides and middle of your abs, so make sure you don’t half-ass these just because you’re getting lazy and your co-workers are all leaving for lunch. Put your hands behind your head or your hips, and lean all the way to the right side, crunching your torso on the right and feeling the stretch on your left side. Then, switch sides and do the same thing. If you have a stronger core, you can keep your legs elevated the whole time to make it harder. It might hurt when you laugh tomorrow, but then you’ll remember it’s only Tuesday and you’ll stop laughing anyway.