The Ab Crack Is Trying To Be The New Thigh Gap

Remember when having a thigh gap was all that mattered to you? I do. Achieving one has pretty much been my reality for the past 3 years when I realized that when I sat down, compared to my skinny little friends and their thighs that resembled hot dogs, mine more closely resembled the size and shape of Australia. Well, now women have a new reason to have body dysmorphic disorder, and it’s called the ab crack. Basically, an ab crack is the line you get down your stomach (stemming from your cleavage it almost seems) that insinuates you’re so thin and toned that your stomach literally cracked in half.

In case you still don’t have a mental picture of what this looks like, here’s a real ab crack in the flesh (trigger warning: it is gross).

According to Allure and a gastroenterologist they found somewhere, “To have visibly defined abs, you need to be below a body fat percentage of about six percent…This is a step beyond that—requiring low body fat level, muscular abdominal muscles, and a dash of particular genes that you may or may not have hiding in your DNA. Working out a ton is a minimum, but no guarantee.”

So, essentially, the ab crack is the thigh gap of people with abs because even if you’re fucking thin enough for a thigh gap, there’s no guarantee you’ll have one just based on the width of your hips (which I also hear affects how loose your vagina is—but maybe I just have a heavy flow).


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