A Website Promises To Find Your Soul Mate, Yeah Right

This new website 8^8 says that it can find your twin through your answers to 8 questions, which is like the personality version of Tinder. 8^8's questionnaire has a 1 in 16,777,216 chance of two people answering all 8 questions the same way, and even though you online shopped during your stats class you should know that's pretty fucking unlikely. The whole point is that 8^8 will find your soulmate, defined as “someone who thinks a lot like you do, like an identical twin probably would.”

It's definitely not a dating website or even a website to find someone you would get along with. It's purely to find another person that makes the same poor life choices as you. So instead of refreshing BuzzFeed for the third time, spend 5 minutes taking this quiz, because who knows what the fuck will happen. You could have a Parent Trap situation where you find your long lost twin or date yourself in male form, either way it's a win.


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