A Strongly Worded Letter to the Harlem Shake

To the Harlem Shake,

Before we get to #1 talking shit we first have to ask the only worthwhile question – where do we get the drugs that spawned you?

So at first we were like, there can't possibly be anything redeeming about a trend consisting of the words “Harlem,” the ghetto, and “shake,” referencing a malt beverage and/or the movement of fat. All very unbetchy. And then we started seeing it all over people's facebook statuses which is always the tell tale sign of either a really shitty trend or a large winter storm. So we prepared for the worst.

But then our bestie sent us some weird videos and despite the fact that whatever words this song consists of sound distinctly like CON LOS TERRORISTAS, the beat was really sick. Wait what, with the terrorists!? Subliminal message? Mugatu? It's like whatever, it worked because I may not understand these stupid videos but I still I kind of enjoy them, just like how I feel about PLL.

Just let it be known, no matter how popular this phenomenon gets, the chances I will partake in any Harlem shake video of my own are slim to none and slim just got shot in a drive-by on 116th street.


The Betches


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