A Strongly Worded Letter to Made Up Hashtag Holidays

Since the dawn of social media, our attention spans have gotten smaller and our celebrations dumber.  From #NationalGirlfriendDay to #NationalTextYourExDay we’re pretty sure computers are going to take over the world just by default of people being the worst.

We love a good hashtag as much as the next betch, but get creative with your captions and stop making up pointless holidays just for the sake of them.  When #NationalSiblingDay happened we were like, oh, that’s kind of sweet.  Sure, we’ll post a TBT with our favorite sister or brother.  But raise your hand if you actually called your brother or sister or sent them anything on #NationalSiblingDay besides a tag in a Facebook post.  Yeah, that’s what we thought.

The point of these holidays is not about celebrating anybody but yourself. They’re all just poorly costumed excuses to parade around your own life at the boredom of others.  Like, what makes you think we care?  If you want to post a picture of your bae, by all means go for it.  But our feeds are cluttered enough so can you please do us a favor and stop inventing hashtag holidays because it’s not a thing.  Stop trying to make it a thing.

These holidays seem to spring out of nowhere and every other day is Donut Day or Tequila Day or Toe Nail Polish Day. Seriously, just stop.  Live your best life and stay blessed and all that but like do it in private, ugh you’re harshing our vibe.

No, we don’t care it’s National Lipstick Day.  Put on your lipstick and post a selfie and leave us alone.  Stop creating hashtags and start thinking for yourself.


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