A Roundup of Funny Shit We Found On The Internet

This week's internet roundup includes a compilation of various people making fun of Taylor Swift and some other shit making fun of Kristen Stewart. Happy Thursday.

Here's 8 of the most annoying quotes from T. Swift's Vanity Fair interview. The lesson: you fuck with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and everyone will fucking hate you. >>>

Here's former Betch of the 2011 Chelsea Handler's theory on Taylor's life. HInt: she's a virgin who can't drive. >>>

You must not get fat before Spring Break. Water and ex-lax till the flight betches, no excuses. >>>

Here's a fucking hilarious video where Jimmy Kimmel asks people if they're happy with the new Pope who doesn't exist yet. And you thought we were exploiting dumb people by asking who the fuck Hugo Chavez was? Compared to this we're Mensa scholars. >>>

Here's a pretty funny video highlighting everything wrong with Twilight in 6 minutes or less. I enjoyed it, you will too. >>>

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