A Roundup of Funny Shit We Found on the Internet

On today's internet roundup, some rules for abroad, more Superbowl commercials, and some embarrassing old pictures and videos of celebrities. TGIF motherfuckers.

Here's a picture of Mark Zuckerberg at a rave. He still manages to look like the dorkiest person there.

Because we love any and all things Mean Girls, here's a list of where the whole MG cast is now. As if you didn't already know… 

Sure these rules for going abroad are for bros, but most of them definitely apply to you. Namely, beware of the Abroad Fifteen. 

Here's a pic of Charlize Theron looking just like Justin Bieber.

In case you were wondering how Jennifer Laurence got into acting, here's a video from her very first gig with MTV. It's a promo for My Super Sweet Sixteen. It appears her acting skills have been amped up a bit since then, TG.

Check out this disgusting video of Bar Rafaeli making out with a huge, disgusting guy. With tongue. 

Take a look at this Disney themed wedding that some nicegirl freak actually had for her actual wedding. 

Also, today is National Freedom Day so use that shit to bounce out of work early.

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