A Roundup of Funny Shit We Found on the Internet

In class? Bored? Adderall wearing off? Fear no longer because we just found a bunch of funny shit on the internet for your amusement. So plug in your headphones and prepare to be marginally amused for the next 11-15 minutes.

  • White people grinding awkwardly at a Drake concert: The video is pretty funny because these people are clearly wasted, but what's even funnier is the videographers commentary. Specifically the parts when she remarks on the boy's choice of outfit. HE DON'T MATCH!  
  • Las Vegas Hangover Bus: In Vegas? Hungover? Desperately need to start drinking immediately after you wake up? Your alcoholic prayers have finally been answered. Get on this super non sketchy bus that is filled with non certified people who will happily insert an IV into your blood stream for only 45 minutes! It's that easy.
  • The Snuggery: If you're DTS (down to snuggle) this bitch will spoon you for a small fee of $90. Make sure to check out the “Double Cuddle” service “which allows clients to cuddle with two Cuddlers concurrently.” Shot fucking middle spoon. 

  • Fucking funny Tinder tumblr: One thing that we've learned to embrace is Tinder, the app that lets busy who you think are hot chat your fucking ear off about shit you don't care about! Great. Well this bitch decided to fuck with guys on Tinder and we love her for it. “Kat” call us.
  • Dumbest things ever said on the internet: Who knew dumb people used the internet? News to us.
  • YOLO: Andy Samberg is back with a digital short and we are like, the happiest girls in the world. The only issue is with this video is that after watching it your mom will constantly badger you with questions like, what's a YOLA? …Mom, it's YOLO… Is that Adam Levine's new girlfriend?
  • For 5 dollars this guy will fill his shoes with ketchup or mustard and wear them for 5 minutes. Extra charge for spicy mayo? 
  • Pictures of Mister Rogers flipping the bird, MLK being a badass, Hilter awkwardly posing with his GF, and Bill Clinton resembling your neighborhood's friendly homeless dude.


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