A Quick Look at Keeping Up With the Kardashians, 10 Seasons Later

When Keeping Up With The Kardashians premiered back in October, 2007, none of us could have predicted the phenomenon that it would become. At that point, all we knew about them was that Kim made a sex tape with some rapper, and that their dead dad was O.J. Simpson’s lawyer when we were like three years old. When the show premiered, iPhones didn’t have apps yet and Ariana Grande was literally a toddler.

Oh, how far we’ve come. Kim learned to contour, got married, divorced, and remarried, and lost a diamond earring in the fucking ocean. Kourtney had three kids and yelled at Scott like seven million times. Khloé hosted a radio show, ditched Lamar, and briefly went to jail. Kendall and Kylie have actually grown up in front of us, and Bruce has blossomed into Brucella. Rob gained a shitload of weight and designed some socks, and Kris stayed absolutely the same. It’s been a long ride, and there’s been no shortage of drama along the way.

People love to hate on the Kardashians, but you can’t deny how crazy it is that they’ve gone from a typical reality tv family to some of the most famous people in the world. Say what you want, but when Kim broke the internet last year, you fucking clicked on the picture.  Everyone laughed when Kendall wanted to be a model, but now she’s walking in the Chanel show and you’re still eating Doritos in bed. They may never change the world in any meaningful way, but the entire world knows who they are and cares what they do. 


We can’t know how much longer Keeping Up will be around, but it’s been eight years, and the Kardashians are here to stay no matter if we’re watching their show or not. Here’s to many more seasons of Kim ugly crying, Khloé arguing with Scott, and Kris getting in the way of everything. Stay betchy, Kardashians.


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