A Plane Almost Crashed At LaGuardia Airport

A plane was trying to land at LaGuardia airport yesterday, but fucked up and almost skidded into the Flushing Bay. Casual Thursday in New York. Apparently the runway was fairly slippery – hmmm ice is crazy like that – and the plane just couldn't get any traction. The photos are unreal, like one more foot and they would've gone into the water. LaGuardia was closed for the rest of the day, which is like the worst kind of snow day there is.

The only good part about this whole thing is that Larry Donnell – a football player for the New York Giants was on the flight, and posted an amazing Insta video of the plane. He captioned it, “Look at this shit. I knew I shoulda stayed my ass at home.” My caption would've been “the cold never bothered me anyways,” but whatever.



Look at this shit! Knew I shoulda stayed my ass at home

A video posted by Larry Donnell (@beyond_greatnes) on


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