A Note On Why #TwitterPurge Is Disgusting

Apparently society isn’t fucked up enough so guys have taken to Twitter to expose girls’ nudes. I think the concept has something to do with the release of that sequel to The Purge (the movie), only a lot less murder and way more juvenile. Oh and unlike in the movie, none of this is legal, at least not according to Twitter’s regulations.

Yes, you read that correctly: guys are exposing nudes they begged for in the first place.

“That’s pretty fucked up,” you’re thinking, “but I’m not stupid enough to put my face in any NSFW pics so, I’m good.” Not so fast. They’re also linking girls’ instas, Twitter handles, etc. to the posts with the hashtag #twitterpurge so the lucky victims can get a side order of harassment with their humiliation. Who said chivalry was dead, amirite ladies?! So…you might wanna think about who you’re drunk snapchatting because any guy with a small dick and an even smaller ego could turn you into the next Belle Knox.

I guess the take-away here is stop sending nudes, at least until this stops trending. Of course every person reading this is gonna be like, “Well my bf/fwb/hookup and I trust each other and he would never do that” and blah blah blah but it’s time for a wake-up call, betches. OBVIOUSLY your guy is going to swear up and down that your sexts are for his eyes only, because you wouldn’t hit send if he was actually honest and said, “Yeah I’ll prob screenshot it and show it to some of my bros and I might blast you on a revenge porn site if you fuck me over so show me those titties.” I mean if that Snapchat scandal a while back taught us anything it’s that nobody’s sexts are safe in this day and age. Which is why I always send my naked pics the old fashioned way, by getting a sketch artist to draw me wearing only a necklace and then sealing it up in a waterproof vault for 86 years.

And if you’re standing there on your moral high ground like, “Well that’s why I don’t ever do that, if you do you’re a slut and you’re just asking to get your ass plastered all over the internet” then you’re either lying or you’ve never been asked for nudes. It’s like watching porn, everyone does it at some point but no one wants to admit it.


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