A Note on The Fake Work Boyfriend

Fake work boyfriends aren't something you can buy but they are something that many a betch accessorizes herself with, so they deserve our attention.

As any betch who has ever worked in an office will know, 90% of people that you willingly interact with at work fall into 1 of 3 categories:

1) Work Bestie: most likely another betch that you talk to when you want to complain about how much work sucks or find out where everyone is going out for happy hour.

2) Work Crush: the associate 2 years older than you who wears custom Armani and smells like scotch and winning (but too bad because he lives with his long term GF).

3) Work Boyfriend: while there are many types of work boyfriends, they always share these qualities—buys you drinks at happy hour, always helps you figure out Excel and you give each other advice on boring shit like what furniture to buy for your apartment.

Who your work boyfriend is can really establish your status amongst any other betches or basics in the office. Whoever has the hottest fake non-sexual work boyfriend is always the envy of the other ladies in any workplace.

So choose carefully, because your work boyfriend should not only be able to help you find which cell is breaking your formula, but he should also have a nice pair of double Gancini loafers.


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