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A Much-Needed Betchy Breakdown Of The 'Winter House' Season 3 Cast

Winter House season 3 is essentially the melting pot of Bravo. For the first time, the cast is made up of Bravolebs from FIVE different series. So it’s essentially like a Bachelorette party: individuals from a bunch of different friend groups stuck in a house together to support the bride (aka their reality TV careers). As with any vacation with a rando group of people, everyone starts out super chill, trying to make a good first impression until Becky has four too many tequila shots and starts spewing nonsense and starting shit. Not fun to be a part of, but a delight to watch on your couch.

Below is the official betchy breakdown for Winter House season 3, so you can feel like you really know them before the first episode comes out.

Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula

Image Credit: Bravo

Image Credit: Bravo


Kyle and Amanda are the King and Queen of seasonal houses on Bravo. They met in the Hamptons while filming Summer House and their relationship has unfolded on screen ever since. From make outs, to breakups, to makeups, to an engagement and a wedding, fans of the show have seen it all from these two.

Danielle Olivera

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Danielle, another Summer House cast member, is coming to the mountains fresh off a breakup. From the sound of it, she’s not in an amazing place… but who knows what hot hookups await her in the mountains. Unfortunately, because this was filmed in the winter (durr), we will *not* be getting any insight into what went down with her former bffs Carl and Lindsay who broke off their engagement in August.

Tom Schwartz

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It’s been, uh, quite the year for Tom. The Vanderpump Rules star got divorced, faced a ton of business problems, and played a role in the Scandoval of it all. While the bar is pretty low, he’s def in the top 10% of Bravo stars named Tom. So that’s a win. A relaxing (televised) trip to Colorado is exactly what he needs!

Jordan Emanuel

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Jordan, from the new series Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard, is lookin’ for a hookup. She’s single and feeling adventurous, in the sense that she wants to try winter sports annnnd get a two week love affair started.

Brian Benni

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If you watch Family Karma, it’s no secret that Brian’s parents desperately want him to settle down and get married — and Brian’s not opposed, himself. He’s looking for a Hallmark-style winter wonderland rom-com up in Colorado but might have a weird way of showing it…

Kory Keefer

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This is Kory’s second stint on Winter House. He’s Craig Conover’s fraternity little brother (red flag?) and came to the house last year. Then he went on Summer House and started a situationship with fellow Summer Houser Sam Feher. But from the sound of it, Kory’s not fully committing to being a taken man entering the Winter House.

Malia White and Katie Flood

Image Credit: Bravo

Image Credit: Bravo

Malia and Katie are bff yachties from Below Deck: Mediterranean. Malia is coming off a long-term relationship and a seven month dry spell (yikes) and Katie is single and ready to mingle. They’ve traveled the world but things could get even rockier in these mountains.

Alex Propson

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Alex is another man from the sea, a deckhand on Below Deck Sailing Yacht. His long hair and free-spirited attitude could certainly work in his favor.

Jason Cameron

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Next up is another Winter House alum. Jason’s had some love connections (and losses) in the house in the past, but he’s optimistic this time around! He’s known as the best chef in the house and is hoping to cook up sum luv.

Casey Craig

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Last but not least, is some fresh meat! Casey’s not from the Bravo-verse; she’s a cryptocurrency professional and former competitive skier who’s looking to make some new friends (and presumably get some IG endorsement deals).

Steph Perlman
Steph Perlman
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