A Love Letter to Summer

Dear Summer,

I don't love a lot of things, but I definitely love you. Not only do you keep me tan but you also keep me occupied with one of my favorite pastimes: doing nothing. It's bad enough that I'm forced to only skim through my feeds during the parts of the year when I have responsibilities. What do I look like, some some sort of social media underachiever? What if I miss the fugly-chic shoes @manrepeller put on that morning? I can barely fathom the thought. But now that you, Summer, have arrived I can take my time in the morning leisurely scrolling through the endless stream of “I'm making an ugly face in this picture to prove that I still look really pretty when I make an ugly face” selfies by @claraaarose, @ayedenn, @lenaannalisa, and other really good looking people. It's the little things that make loving you special / me so tan. 

Some may call spending 4-7 hours at the beach laying out while admiring my manicure a waste of time, but I call this heaven. Omg I just love the way my mani matches the color of the water today. “Seaweed Strangling Crabs” is totally this season's sickest color. Seriously Summer, you just make everything that much better. If it wasn't for you, people would be bitching at me that I'm always bitching about #163 being cold. If it wasn't for you, people wouldn't constantly confuse my instagram feed for Abercrombie & Fitch's. And if it wasn't for you, I would actually have to wear clothes that covers up more than just my stomach, legs, and cleavage. Like no thanks.

You give me natural highlights, more venues at which to drink outdoors, and extra time to spend following the drama and lives of others on shows like @summerbreak. But really we're really excited this show started – it's like like Laguna 2.0, but without having to hear STE-PHEN every 3 seconds. It has everything from hot guys to girls making up #22 nicknames for hot guys. We're kind of sorry for the tangent, we're just oddly obsessed. Anyway Summer, you give me everything.

Ugh I love my new flip flops,

The Betches


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