A Brief History Of JoJo’s Life Saga

Sometime in the last ten years, you’ve probably wondered what ever happened to JoJo. The angsty preteen who totally spoke to us back in middle school completely disappeared somewhere around 2006. Where did she go? What is she doing now? Let’s take a look.

Back in 2004, JoJo became the youngest person to ever have a #1 song with Leave (Get Out). She was thirteen. She released her second album, The High Road, in 2006 and it did super well. After that, shit hit the fan.

Basically her record label started acting like a bitch. She had initially been signed to a seven-album record deal, which sounds pretty extreme to us. Problem is, she kept recording music and they just didn’t do anything with it. Like, imagine if that bro you’re obsessed with was texting you all the time but Verizon wasn’t letting the messages go through. Pretty fucking tragic.

A few years back, JoJo released a couple mixtape, because that was the only way she could release music without her label losing their shit. Then, she took the fuckers to court. She ended up finally getting released from her contract on the grounds that minors can’t be held to legal agreements that last more than seven years. This all happened last year, and now JoJo is back to making music. Recently she released three songs at the same time, which she called a tringle (stupid but whatever), and she should have an album out soon. All hail JoJo, queen of the oppressed betches.


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