A Birthday Broast for Chace Crawford

In honor of Nate Archibald turning 27 19 for the 100000th time, we decided it was about time to give a shout out to the CW’s hottest pothead: Chace Crawford. Although some people may see Crawford as an awful, depthless actor with no sense of direction in his career at all whatsoever who is only famous because he’s hot, we’d tell them to fuck off. He’s played multiple adverse roles such as “rich niceboy”, “douchey drug dealer”, “crush of girl in scary movie”, “one of those people in movies starring as many well known actors and actresses as possible”, etc. Talk about a dynamic actor.

So whether you love him as Nate or you love him as Chace, he’s technically still the same person anyways so it doesn’t even matter. As a birthday present from us to him, here are ten reasons why we love CC:

10. This bro owns The Spectator, which not only makes him a hot pro business owner but also a hot business owner who loves to #1 talk shit.

9. Not just any MGB with a pretty gay face can land a starring role on a show with infinite seasons.

8. He smokes mad weed, in character and in person, which is ironic because he also is the face of an organization for Alzheimers.

7. He went to Pepperdine in real life and Yale on television, yet he says really dumb shit everytime he’s interviewed. So complex.

6. As Nate Archilbald he's made out with literally everyone on Gossip Girl, even Dan. (we read your book, Dan Humphrey, you hipster Brooklyn scum.)

5. He would be on the golf team in high school, but shady fact is that he also had frosted tips.

4. Since Chace has worked a lot with Seth McFarlane and done voices for Family Guy, we'll assume he has a dece personality. Everyone loves a funny idiot, right Joey Tribiani?

3. He did a PSA for DoSomething.Org encouraging teens to take action toward social changes, like starting gossip websites and getting drunk with your besties in your penthouse.

2. He can pull off the trendy spelling of an already really trendy name.

1. “I’m an artist—I’m very artistic. I have drawings and paintings up in my apartment.”



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