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Wear Leggings Everywhere: Athleisure is Officially a Word

Once upon a time, it was actually looked down upon for girls to wear active-wear to legitimate events. Over time, it’s become more and more normal for betches everywhere to wear their hottest Lululemon cutout leggings and favorite Stella McCartney sports bra to the mall, class, brunch, and maybe the gym if there’s time. In fact, workout wear has become somewhat of a lifestyle, known as athleisure. And now, we’re proud to announce that the word “athleisure” will officially be part of the English language, so betches can strut around in their leggings without even breaking a sweat.

Last week, an article in The New York Times came out announcing that athleisure will be one of the new words added to the Miriam-Webster dictionary this year. From neon leggings that say SOUL down the side to mesh crop tops with open backs, athleisure has totally transformed the fitness and fashion world. With designer collections like Cynthia Rowley’s fitness line, adidas by Stella McCartney, Tory Burch’s Tory Sport, and Derek Lam’s 10C Athleta, it’s clear that spandex leggings are the new LBD.

With workout wear this fashionable, no betch has any excuse to walk into a spin class in Nike mesh shorts and an old sorority fundraiser t-shirt. Even fitness celebrities have ditched Sports Authority to shop at chic fitness brands like Bandier and Zara Terez.

Although we were totally cool with wearing our designer workout clothes to a business meeting before this news, we’re super excited about this addition to the dictionary because it just means we can keep doing us. Betches everywhere can now grab coffee or board a plane without being questioned if we’re preparing for a half-marathon: we’re just living athleisure lifestyle, one snakeskin sports bra at a time.