Stop Obsessing Over This Bread-Smashing Psycho

​Okay, it’s time to officially start shipping people to the moon. This woman started smashing her face into bread 20 weeks ago and hasn’t stopped smashing her face into various pieces of bread.

The sad part? People are watching and enjoying these videos. People are calling this garbage “compelling.” You can even e-mail this crazy betch and request her to smash her face into a specific type of bread.

The blogs tagline is “giving the people something they didn’t ask for.” Who are these people? In an interview, the anonymous Bread Face shared that she liked the way mashing her face into the bread felt, and enjoyed reading people’s comments, no matter how disturbing or sexual they were.

What a claim to fame. Here I sit, writing away, when I could be pressing my face into various food items and becoming internet famous. What have I done with my life? Oh right, chosen to continue life as a human on planet Earth and vote to send all the freaks here to the moon. 


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