The Kardashian Camera Gaze is So Fucking Annoying

Zoolander’s Blue Steel has met its match with the signature Kardashian Kamera gaze. At Betches Love This, we are anthropologists to the world around us. That means monitoring our primary subjects, the Kardashian Klan, and breaking down their tribal cues and body language. By better understanding this fucking annoying signature gaze, we can better understand the Kardashians as a whole. There's no way Kris doesn't have family meetings where she does a 'stupid look tutorial'. So, let’s proceed in breaking down this look in the name of science. 

The Kween of this look is Khloe, which speaks to the desperate origins of looking into the camera like you’d do anything for a Klondike bar. Anything.

In example two, the Kween is nurturing her young by passing the look onto them. She instructs, “your eyelids are saying, “nooooooo” but your eyes should be saying “I’ll fuck the camera man for more air time by myself (without Kim).” Let’s take a moment to cherish this beautiful teaching moment.

We believe this is the only way the Kardashians know how to communicate with each other after years of being followed around by the camera. Obviously, the model of this gaggle has got a grip on fucking your way to the top.

This look was in its infantile stages when we first saw it many years ago in raw, archival footage: Kim Kardashian, Superstar featuring Hip Hop Star Ray-J. It’s believed that the matriarch of the group had a strong influence on its conception.

Kourtney showcases another telltale sign of the gaze: staring so hard it looks like they are trying to pass a diamond or whatever gaudy object they swallowed through a bowel movement. Jesus, look at me normal!

There it is, the gaze in its most pure stage. North can achieve the gaze better than everyone else as her eyes really do say she can’t see moving objects yet and her pursed lips strongly hint at the possibility she is having a bowel movement in her pants.

Don’t try this look at home, though. The look is untested on civilians, but we are quite sure that it will lead to your eyes popping right out of your socket or like, marriage to a grade A douchebag. 


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