98. Borrowing Clothes

Every betch knows that it’s poor form to be seen wearing the same outfit twice. Given this unwritten rule, it gets tough to come up with enough outfits to fulfill your 5-night-a-week partying schedule. And like we’ve said before, there’s no worse feeling than staring at your filled walk-in closet and feeling like, “Ugh I just have NOTHING to wear.” Fear not, there is a remedy. Borrowing clothes.

Sharing clothes is not done with any feeling of altruism. If you have a poor friend, you might lend her your clothes in an effort to make sure she doesn’t wear that last season fugly top and embarrass you by association.


who wore it bestObv Linds Lo wore it best.


Usually, however, sharing is done in hopes that one day when you’re in need, your sister’s new boots or that hot cut out dress that your bestie just bought will finally be worn right. And when I say right I mean by me. Ugh, those shorts are so cool, too bad you’re tainting them with your fat ass is something a betch has thought or even texted.

Let’s talk about the awkwardness inherent in sharing clothes, like when your friend who is obviously much fatter than you wants to borrow your mini skirt or when fuck it, you just don’t want anyone else wearing your skinny jeans. This can be avoided by the “Ohh I think I might wear that later I’m not sure” or the general avoidance of the question until right up to the pregame. You can also throw in the, “Aw no, I haven’t worn that yet, I’ll let you know when I do, though!”


Jlo worst dressedDon't worry JLo, no one's trying to borrow this frock situation.


Also, let’s not forget about the girl who borrows your clothes and never gives them back. Ever go on vaca and your friend who wears cheaper things than you is always drooling over what you have? When she inevitably asks to borrow something, be hesitant, because what you’re dealing with here is the Klepto. Every betch has encountered the Klepto friend at some point in her life. Honestly, the only thing more frustrating than a text conversation with an SAB is seeing your crop top that you lent your friend six months ago in a Facebook picture tagged this afternoon which she conveniently keeps ‘forgetting’ to return. This is not cool and will have you blacklisted from the sharing clothes network. Stealing is not betchy.

So betches, share you clothes and your wardrobe will be expanded exponentially. However, beware that you and your bestie group should time your outfits accordingly. Nothing is more awkward than the week you and all your friends wore the exact same shirt in rotational form. It’s not cute to be 22 and wearing the same outfit as your twin and it’s certainly not fucking cute to be matching your BFF, no matter how hot her shirt looks on you.



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