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Interview with October 28, 2011

I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve woken up on a Monday morning after a weekend of belligerent debauchery, wondering how I survived the weekend and praying that my antics didn’t wind up on facebook. Once I do a quick FB search, I usually head to The site basically encompasses everything during that weekend’s experiences with no holding back. I’m obsessed with this site, and even more obsessed with the BETCHES who created it after interviewing them. They’re funny, quirky, and brutally honest. Although they remain elusive in keeping with their anonymity, they agreed to an interview with yours truly.

BANGSTYLE: What made you want to create the site?

BETCHES: Well, the site actually happened accidentally. We felt like a female voice was needed to counteract all this “bro” culture. You know, books like, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, and The Bro Manual.

BANGSTYLE: You guys push the limit pretty far; does the hate mail flow in by the masses?

BETCHES: We welcome comments. If you take a look at the comment section under our posts, you’ll notice a lot of debates with people getting angry. We want to push the limits and say things that people are afraid to say but don’t because they’re afraid of what people will think. Any show that pushes the limit gets press, and that’s what they want- Think about South Park and Family Guy.. they’re criticized all of the time, but are also two of the most popular shoes on television.

BANGSTYLE: What does it mean to be a BETCH?

BETCHES: It means a lot. Feeling empowered, owning yourself, and not caring about what people think are BETCH characteristics.

BANGSTYLE: Will you guys ever reveal your identities?

BETCHES: Not for anyone less than Chelsea Handler [chuckling].

BANGSTYLE: How do you decide what topics to write about?

BETCHES: We write about things that come to us as they happen. Friends tell us stories, we write about them. We experience things too- bad dates, funny moments. We write about what we feel is interesting. Things will happen, and we’ll think “this would be perfect for the site!”, but well save it for later a lot of times. Writing posts comes natural to us.

BANGSTYLE: How do you BETCHES spend your free time?

BETCHES: Our free time is spent going out. We write about the things we do. Our free time is basically spent partying and talking to people (fun job!). Our biggest business expenses are going out. But the fu***d up stuff that we write about never happens to us, only our friends [laughing].

BANGSTYLE: What’s your craziest in-office story?

BETCHES: First off, we don’t work in a professional environment. Lately, we’ve gotten a little better with organization, but our office is different every day- we always have a good time. We don’t have a specific story per se.

BANGSTYLE: Did you ever think growing up that you would be writing a site on what BETCHES love?

BETCHES: No, this was definitely not our childhood dream. It kind of just came about because of boredom. We started writing this blog because we really didn’t know what we wanted to be, so we started writing about what we knew. When we were younger, we wanted to be housewives.

BANGSTYLE: Did the youtube sensation, “Shoes” inspire you when creating the site?

BETCHES: [laughs] We did see the “Shoes” video, but we really didn’t think about it when we came up with a title. BETCH to us, came from us wanting something you could perceive as ‘BITCH’. We could have just left it at that, but a ‘BETCH’ isn’t really a ‘BITCH’. A ‘BETCH’ is about having attitude and knowing you’re amazing, not necessarily about being mean.

BANGSTYLE: Ok, we all want to know- what’s your problem with Anne Hathaway?

BETCHES: It was the Oscars. It’s all her fault, really! Then, after we saw her film, “One Day”, it just exploded. She’s just really annoying to us. It’s basically the way she’s stereotyped in all of her roles. She’s just so “Broadway”. It seems like people are pretty supportive of this too- we mostly have people agreeing with us.

BANGSTYLE: Do you feel like your similar to someone like Perez Hilton?

BETCHES: Yeah, we feel we’re somewhat similar to Perez. We don’t care about saying mean things. But, we do care a little more about the writing; we write commentary on social issues, and his site is more celebrity based.



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