Betch of the Week: Blake Lively

The star actress of Gossip Girl and the slutty, sporty archeologist of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants couldn’t possibly go any longer without being Betch of the Week. So here you go, Blake Lively, congrats on the title.

Blake’s acting is questionable as Serena “I’m painfully annoying and I'm truly a betch but I'm trying to pretend I'm a nice girl” van der Woodsen, but she’s really not THAT bad of an actress. Even though her role in The Town was laughable “Whatchu want wit Dougie?” she still managed to look like the classiest hottest trailer-trash-meth-addict we've ever seen, so props.


blake livelySick myspace body pic.


Acting aside, Blake is currently one of the faces of Chanel, a job that any betch will agree is her absolute dream. When asked about other modeling opportunities that she has turned down, she said that she’s “holding out for Chanel.” And in response to being told that this is unrealistic because they only take Europeans, she said, “Well, how great. I'll be the first then.” Blake, we couldn’t be more proud. Go #63 America.

Let’s talk about her personal life. We’re happy her Penn Badgley thing is over. Sure he’s cute but he reeked of nice guy down-to-earthiness. But now we’re hearing she’s dating Leo. This would've been totally acceptable if she were dating young Titanic Leo but now he's old as fuck and they're just too blonde together. Try Ryan Gosling, we hear that it’s finally over.


blake livelySpotted: Blake's ass


Also, have you seen her go anywhere without looking put together and gorg? Sometimes her choice of outfit is arguable but she knows what’s up when it comes to #42 dressing like a slut. Blake loves short skirts, dresses, shorts, just generally anything to show the world that her boobs are big and her legs are so much fucking longer than yours.

So, we’re here to remind you that Blake is an exception. If you’re an aspiring actress who fails at making any facial expressions other than looking concerned, we suggest you get a real job, because Blake’s the only betch who can pull this off as a career.



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