8 Guys Who'd Make A Better Bachelor Than Arie Luyendyk Jr.

Yesterday, ABC decided to ruin my life announced who the next Bachelor is and he is a total rando. That’s right people, the new Bachelor is a complete stranger to me, Arie fucking Luyendyk Jr., a man who was on The Bachelorette FIVE YEARS AGO and who also looks about as fresh as the 40-year-old on Tinder I accidentally swiped right on. Because that’s clearly what America asked for: an accidental Tinder swipe. First of all, ABC, how dare you. The last time Arie was relevant to this franchise, I was drinking Four Lokos that still had caffeine in them. THAT’S THE LAST TIME. So don’t you dare try to tell me differently. To put things even more in perspective for you, Emily (the Bachelorette that year) has met and married someone who was not on the show and birthed not one, but TWO of his children since the time she dated Arie. Which brings me to my second point, ABC, why would you do this? There are so many other Instagram influencers good guys out there to choose from, and yet you decided to go back into the catacombs of this franchise to find the next Bachelor? Really? That’s what you’re trying to sell me rn? Nope. I’m not here for it. I won’t stand for it and I refuse to watch will definitely still watch next season. But Mike Fleiss? Welcome to your tape. Because ABC refuses to take my happiness into account, no matter how many savage tweets I tag them in, I guess I’ll have to take it upon myself to point out who would make better a Bachelor candidate than Arie fucking Luyendyk.

8. Hot Asian Whose Name I Can’t Remember

Okay, I’m sure he has a name, but I’m really coming up short in my internet stalking drawing a blank here. While I don’t remember his name, I do 100 percent remember that he was an ex-Marine and the most beautiful human to ever grace my television screen after three glasses of wine. Hot Asian was on Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette, but was sent home way before his time, on the first damn night. Like, Whaboom lasted longer than this guy. WHABOOM. The man was an American hero, but got bested by a guy who has his own catchphrase. Whatever. Hot Asian, I’ll pour one out for you and ABC’s missed opportunity to make you a star.

Hot Asian Bachelor

7. Deanie Babies

Dean, Dean, Dean, Dean, Dean. Where do I even begin with you? Let’s start with the fact that you have the emotional maturity of someone who makes fart noises with his elbow. I should have known you’d turn out this way when Rachel started asking you hard-hitting questions like “tell me about yourself?” and the only response you could come up with was:

Dean Unglert Dinosaurs

Jesus Christ. I’ve been so blind. You also broke my Kristina’s heart in Mexico, because you’d rather fuck a Tickle Me Elmo doll Danielle L than actually embrace your emotions, but I’d STILL rather see you as the Bachelor over Arie. If anything, watching Dean act like a fuckboy with 25 of America’s most eligible dental hygienists would be a good exercise in controlling my rage blackouts. I’m sensing we both might have gotten some personal growth out of that.

6. Robby’s Errant Hair

The real breakout star of Bachelor in Paradise this season was Robby’s errant hair. Something tells me this little hair has stories to tell, and honestly I’d rather watch three months of Robby trying to find love tame this fucking hair than Arie as the new Bachelor.

Robby BIP Hair

5. Luke Pell

Luke was fucking robbed last year by the bane of my existence, Nick Viall, because Luke didn’t have as much blackmail on ABC as Nick did. Luke had the full Bachelor package: he was hot, could say, “Texas Forever,” and mean it, and he served in the armed forces. I’ll even excuse the fact that he looks like he was manufactured in a Mattel factory, because he was sensitive AF and when he cried, I cried. But I guess none of that matters when you’re competing against someone with a lisp. Sighs. Since his time on JoJo’s season, Luke has been sleeping with literally every woman who has ever been on The Bachelor, so, like, he probably has some STDs baggage there, but I still think he’d still make for a good fucking season.

Luke Pell

^^Honestly ladies, he’s still single

4. Chase

I’m not gonna lie; I didn’t love Chase on JoJo’s season. He was hot AF, don’t get me wrong, like 10/10 would still slide into his DMs, but he had this look in his eyes that said “I’m dead inside.” It was like looking into the mirror and watching someone try and emotionally connect with Wednesday Addams. But let’s never forget the moment JoJo dumped his ass right before the fantasy suites. His mature reaction to the breakup was to grab a beer for the cab ride to the airport and mumble into the camera the most savage clapback: “Is this my fucking fantasy suite?” *slow claps* Honestly, if that doesn’t say good TV America’s next Bachelor, then I don’t know what does.

Chase Bachelorette

3. Wells

I’ve been rooting for Wells since JoJo’s season, when ABC forced him to go on that group date that involved a strenuous amount of physical activity and they had to give him oxygen by the end of it. Honestly so relatable. But Wells has really come into his own this summer as the Gretchen Weiners of Paradise. Tbh I’d tune in every week just to hear him talk shit recap his date with the women. If it’s anything like his Alexis impersonation, then I’m sold.

Wells Adams Scallop Fingers

2. Kenny

I would fucking LOVE to see Kenny as the Bachelor. Again, this guy was the full package: he was an attentive father, super sweet, and v attractive. Plus ABC forced him to spend way too much time in the presence of that racist piece of shit, Lee. Like, that alone should be enough for him to get his own season. ABC, you owe him. Well that, and the fact that he might be in need of a new career since he is credited as a professional wrestler but lost a mud wrestling match to some rando from Rachel’s season. Plus THINK of the spin-off potential. His daughter, who low-key looks old enough to have a college degree, could be the next Bachelorette. We could really turn this into a family affair, ya know.

Kenny Bachelorette

1. Ben Z

Okay, why is nobody talking about what a catch Ben Z is? WHY? When ABC pulled him out of the archives for Paradise this summer, I’ll admit I was skeptical. I legit did not remember him from Kaitlyn’s season, and he looks a little too much like he enjoys going to the gym for my taste. But you could grill an egg on how hot that body of his is, and most importantly, HE HAS A DOG. We cannot let this beautiful specimen of a human grow old with just Fido by his side. Seriously, I’ve started Go Fund Me pages over less. He needs a lady in his life, and that lady should be me. Ben Z, call me.

BEN Z: *breathes*


Ben Z Bachelorette

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