The 8 Best Betchy Mom Scenes of All Time

8. When Kitty Forman Got Stoned – That '70s Show



7. When Rachel accepted her daughter’s love of Sir Mix-a-lot – Friends


6. When Gabrielle made her daughter stop being a fat ass – Desperate Housewives


5. Happy hour with Kris Jenner – Keeping Up With the Kardashians


4. When Julie Cooper had her priorities straight – The OC

“It’s just not right for a girl to love a hairless pony!”


3. When Gloria spoke the truth – Modern Family


2. Anytime Lucille Bluth insulted her children – Arrested Development

“If you’re worried about criticisim, sometimes a diet is the best defense” 


1. Mean Girls

I mean, obviously. “Mom, can you go fix your hair?”


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