7 Backless Wedding Dresses Under $4,000

As a bride, your wedding is your time to shine. It’s the ultimate attention grab. All eyes are on you. Everything you say, everything you do, and each and every item you wear, from the shoes to the bracelets, will be judged and documented. No pressure! That being said, you obviously need to look at weddings dresses that will wow everyone—even Aunt Diane (she’s so sassy). Because you can’t be outright exposed on your wedding day (I mean like, you cannnn but you’ll probably regret that see-through corset dress in 10 years), opting for a backless dress is a great way to say, “I’m settling down, but I’m still hot AF.”

Okay, before you crucify me: Go ahead and bare it all on your special day, but don’t come crying to me when you look back on your wedding photos in 10 years and think, “Wow, I should have listened to that Betches article back in 2019.” Anyway, we rounded up some sexy backless wedding gowns for every bride, whether you’re princess-obsessed, hipster-chic, or somewhere in between.

Sarah Seven Sunset Forever Gown, $3,000

If you’re going for a Meghan Markle vibe on your big day and there’s a chance it’ll be cold, this Sarah Seven dress is a great option. It’s simple, making it easier to accessorize with major bling (is bling still a thing?) or downplay with simple jewels and hair. Lace haters, this is a gown for you.

BHLDN Kenna Gown, $800

Are you into piña coladas and getting caught in the rain flamenco dancing? At only $800, this very different, slightly out-of-the-box hip-hugging backless dress from BHLDN is a great choice for spring brides. It’s flirty, it’s cute, and it’s unique enough to make you feel like you aren’t just another basic bride in a white gown. Praise be. Plus, it has the whole cold-shoulder trend going for it, which I personally detest, but can acknowledge is super popular.

Watters Frasier Gown, $2,400-$3,120

If you want lace on lace on tulle and the flirtiest, girliest dress of all time, Watters has it for you with the Frasier Gown. It’s a little on the pricier side, hovering around $3k, but I  assume that’s because the materials are like, very nice. And don’t let the romantic look fool you. This dress offers a very deep V in front with an illusion neckline. It’s romantic yet daring, which I’m strangely into.

Catherine Deane Killian Gown, $2,350

I feel like this dress is a backless gown that won’t scare your conservative relatives. The soft chiffon sleeves seem like a pretty perfect choice for a spring wedding, but we could see them working nicely for an artsy fartsy boho-chic-hipster winter wedding, too. This dress also isn’t form fitting, so you can chug beer and shove appetizers into your mouth without worrying if your Spanx are going to hold up. Trust me, as someone who’s been there, this is a legitimate concern on your wedding day.

BHLDN Sabrina Gown, $3,995

This dress reminds me of those crochet cover-ups I wear to the beach when I’m trying to be cool—in a good way. Because of that, it seems like it’d be ideal for your summer wedding set on some private shoreline. Deep V in the front, deep V in the back, and a fluffy skirt. This one probably requires a lot of boob tape, though, which is something to consider before dropping almost $4k.

Watters Lotus Gown, $2,495-$3,244

Do you want to have a gown that’s backless, sideless, and form fitting? Look, I certainly do not have the body to pull this off, but if you’re confident you can rock it, and want something crazy chic, this is the dress for you. You will hands down be the hottest bride out of all your friends. Would I recommend this dress in the winter? Probs not, but do you.

Maggie Sottero Milan Jumpsuit, $1,500-2,500

Holy sh*t, do you want to wear a jumpsuit to your wedding? You should. Get one with a low back and lace so you won’t feel like you’re in just any regular jumpsuit that you’d wear to brunch. This Maggie Sottero jumpsuit screams, “I’m a modern, boss bitch,” while still saying “I like cute things.”

Images: Shutterstock; Sarah Seven; BHLDN (2); Watters; Catherine DeaneEnauraMaggie Sottero.  

Sarah Nowicki
Sarah Nowicki
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