The 7 Best Athleisure Pieces For When You're Pretending You Work Out

Thanks to the masterminds at SoulCycle, Kate Hudson’s latest attempt at relevancy, and LuLuLemon (s/o to my dad’s Amex), athleisure has become a standard code of dress. Meaning that for the first time in the history of the world, women are wearing clothes that are comfortable—and not just to bed. I, for one, have more than embraced athleisure and look for any excuse to wear pants that stretch with me when I work out… or when I eat. But you can’t expect to be brunch-ready in the same old leggings you wear when you pretend to go to the gym. In order to dress up your sweats from 0 to “you can still sit with us,” look for these 7 statement athleisure pieces.

1. Longline Sports Bra

Struggling to find ways to show your stomach in the midst of a snowstorm?? Good news! Longline sports bras are here—yes, the sports bra everyone secretly wanted but no one wanted to be slutty enough to ask for. To everyone squandering away paychecks on overpriced workout classes and burning with the desire to show off results, we’ve found the perfect excuse for a shirt. I’m trying to justify the extra-ness of wearing a glorified crop top to the gym with the fact that leggings are more high waisted than ever. I know, I know—I’m doing God’s work.

Longline sports bra

Zella Chameleon Longline Sports Bra

2. Suede Sneakers

Adidas gives us a brief background of this shoe in claiming it was “born on the soccer training grounds of the ’60s.” I find this a little hard to believe, considering this shoe looks like it’s about as equipped for training as I am to lead an AA support group. I mean, nothing like buying a pair of suede sneakers to let everyone know you’re not stepping foot on a treadmill, or anywhere else your feet might come into contact with dirt, today. As long as your choice of athletic shoe doesn’t clash your matching sports bra/legging combo, then support is basically just a solid bonus.

suede shows

Adidas Women’s Gazelle Casual Sneakers

3. Bomber Jacket

This jacket looks like it wouldn’t be able to handle the delicate setting on my laundry machine, let alone a drop of sweat. But if dry-cleaning my activewear is what it takes to achieve Kendall Jenner’s level of street style, so be it.

Bomber Jacket

Touche x Morgan Stewart Brendan Bomber Jacket

4. Caged Workout Top

When picking out perfect athleisure pieces, ask yourself, “could I also wear this shirt in the club?” If the answer is yes, you’re on the right track.

caged workout top

Velvet Rose Women’s Cage Front Tank Top

5. Artistic Leggings

Leggings: the athleisure staple. But long gone are the days of settling with your first pair of Lulu’s in their plain, black glory. In today’s game, your leggings could prob predict the future and your SoulCycle instructor would still one-up you. Printed and mesh leggings pair great with simple workout tops, along with a full face of hair and makeup. You’re not actually working out, are you?


Onzie High Rise Stirrup Legging

6. Cropped Sweatshirt

Would I ever workout in a mesh cropped sweatshirt? No. Will I buy it? Absolutely. Fashion-forward hoodies are perfect for when it’s that time of the month and you simply can’t be bothered with a bra/tight shirt/anything that doesn’t feel like pajamas. As long as your sweats look low-key expensive and high-key slutty, you might as well be in your nicest blazer.

Missguided Active White Mesh Panel Hoodie

7. S’well waterbottle

S’well has mastered the art of being bougie and eco-friendly at the same time, which is super chill. And PSA: the largest size bottle can fit a whole bottle of wine, which is ideal for treating yourself after a tiring 30 minutes on the elliptical.

S'Well Water Bottle

S’Well The Wood Collection – Lily Wood