7 At-Home Cardio Moves That Tone Your Abs

If you’re smart, you’re spending your time at home, interacting with people as seldom as possible. I know that sounds a little dramatic… but like… it’s true. The only downside of sitting on your couch and not talking to people for days on end is that you might start to feel like if you don’t move your legs soon, they could fall off. But how are you supposed to get a workout in if your gym is closed and it’s too cold to run outside? (Or you just hate running, no matter how hard you try?) The answer is at-home workouts. If you’re itching for a way to move, now is the time to get into exercises you can do from your living room. So we linked with Katie Austin, the daughter of fitness legend Denise Austin and fitness influencer in her own right, who has worked on Amazon Live’s new fitness initiative “Get Fit” and appeared on Dr. Oz, The Today Show, and more. She’s given us her top 7 cardio ab moves that tone your abs while burning fat. This way, you get two workouts in one—toning and cardio. We love a workout that can do both.

Crunch To Straight Leg Toe Tap

This one’s a double move! Only one side at a time, bring your opposite elbow to knee, and then lower your leg. Before your leg hits the ground, bring it straight back up for an opposite hand to toe tap. Continue on one side for 30 seconds, then switch sides.

High Knee To Back Kick

In a ready stance position with your hands held up towards your face, bring your knee up towards your chest. As you lower it back down, balance through your core, and kick back with the same leg right behind you. Continue these two moves on one side for 30 seconds, then switch sides. 

Jumping Jack Crunches

Standing with your hands straight in the air, bounce to bring one elbow in toward your opposite knee. Shoot your arms straight back up, and bring the opposite elbow to the other knee. Keep repeating this in a fast-paced manner, like jumping jacks. Do this cardio move for 30 seconds. 

Side Lunge With Cross Crunch

First, complete a side lunge with your hands behind your head. Make sure you are sitting back with that side lunge, and pushing off through your heel and glutes. As you push away out of the side lunge, bring that knee to your opposite elbow. Repeat this on one side for 30 seconds before switching sides. 


I’m sure you’ve done bicycles before! But just in case you need a refresher, here’s what ya do: Lying on your back with your head and shoulders raised off the floor, bring each knee toward your chest, as you rotate your torso to bring your opposite elbow to tap your knee. You know what to do: continue for 30 seconds.

Squat and Box

Come into a squat position with your hands protecting your face. As you come up from the squat, punch across your body with force. Go back into a squat, and repeat boxing but with other arm. Continue for 30 seconds! 

T-Stand Crunches

Start with your hand behind your head in side plank position, but with the knee closest to the floor resting on the ground. Bring your straight leg toward your same elbow, for a crunch. Continue on the same side for 30 seconds before switching. 

Do the circuit as many times through as you can until laughing causes you extreme agony. 

If you need more at-home cardio and ab workouts, head to for over 120 at-home workout videos, and follow Katie on Instagram for more tips.

Katie Austin is a fitness personality, entrepreneur, and sports host. After being a Division I lacrosse player at USC, she decided to follow in her mom, Denise Austin’s fitness footsteps. Katie’s grown her workout brand to over half a million social media followers, an app, online program, and more.  

She has been featured on shows such as the Today Show, Rachael Ray, The Doctors, On Air with Ryan Seacrest and more. She was named one of the top ten Instagram’s to follow by Seventeen Magazine. 

On top of her fitness brand, she co-hosted a show on Fox Sports West for 2 years, hosted at the Super Bowl, NBA awards, and more. She was just honored on Create + Cultivate’s Top 100 Women in Digital List.

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