6 Underrated Artists You Should Know About

Hello friends—those of you who are still here with me. For that, I thank you. For this week’s column, I’m taking a slightly different approach and leaning into my hipster-ness. Here, I will tell you about artists I listen to and love, and why you should blindly trust my opinion and listen to them as well. These artists are all varying degrees of underground, and they all released new music that I think offers something new and fresh. Enjoy, and follow the New Music playlist on our Spotify for all these songs in one place.

“Falling” by LEON

I’ve sung LEON’s praises before, and I’m back to do it again. Today, LEON dropped her new single, “Falling”, and you’ll like it, it’s sweet. She has such a gorgeous voice—it’s kind of gravelly and seductive, and her music just always makes me feel some type of way. She is literally going to be huge VERY soon, and then you’ll all be like, “Wow, Sgt. Olivia Betchson was right.”

“Rockville Station” by THEY. feat. Gallant

Hey what’s up hello? It’s me, your friendly neighborhood THEY. stan. My favorite R&B/hip-hop duo released their project Fireside today, and boy am I pumped. The entire project is surely worth a stream, but I’m highlighting “Rockville Station” because it features Gallant, one of my favorite underground(ish) R&B guys.

“BIG TYMERS” by Bernard Jabs

Incidentally, “Bernard Jabs” is what they called my mobster uncle. JK. But what’s not a joke is that Bernard Jabs is one to watch. The 17-year-old Georgia native is touring with Pusha T on his Daytona tour, making Bernie (can I call you Bernie?) someone you should pay attention to.

“GLORY” by Brandon Fox feat. Taylor Bennett

Yes, Taylor Bennett as in Chance the Rapper’s brother. Brandon Fox has the type of voice that will catch you off-guard, and his lyrics (at least in this song) are raw and vulnerable. And if one of the Bennetts is working with him, it’s a good sign he’s going places.

“Overseas” by Desiigner and Lil Pump

Okay yes I know Desiigner is not underground, but he’s approaching one-hit wonder territory since he hasn’t been on the radio since “Panda”. Simpler times. Anyway, “Overseas” is the song you put on right before doing hoodrat sh*t with your hoodrat friends. Even if you are a group of suburban teens from Long Island.

“Better Friends” by Between Friends

I know, I’m pretty confused too. I hope I didn’t mix up the song title and the artist! Anyway, I like this artist a lot. Their stuff is very breathy and dreamlike. It really helps me complete my metamorphosis into total annoying Brooklyn hipster. Even though I live in Queens… whatever.

Images: Erik Lucatero / Unsplash