6 Reasons Why Happn Is Our Favorite App

As we’ve mentioned before, Happn is a new app that lets you meet people you’ve already crossed paths with IRL—so no rando internet creepers. The more we use it the more all other dating apps seem lame and so 2014. We broke down the top 5 reasons why Happn is the only dating app you should be on.

1. It does the work for you. You don’t have to rely on friends to set you up on blind dates, nor do you have to actually work up the nerve to start a conversation with that cute guy in line at Whole Foods (shudder). You can just do what betches do: go home, get on your phone, gather your 5 closest besties, and spend 3 hours crafting the perfect message.

2. No creepy old guys. You won’t have to worry that that old dude you saw at the club is going to try to send you a charm. TG.

3. Plenty of hot pros. None of that OKCupid bullshit.

4. You can hand-pick your pro. Because Happn makes you put what industry you work in, you can really be as picky as you’d like. If you’re looking for a future doctor, lawyer, or investment banker (so basically, if you’re a JAB), Happn will def help you narrow that down.

5. Happn lets you get rid of guys you're not into. It's really easy to eliminate the uglies and the poor guys. You just place an X instead of a heart and the guy no longer sees you. It's the best way to stay stalker free!

6. Happn is like a newer, better Craigslist missed-connection's list. It's extremely local, so you get to match with the people as close as 100 feet around you aka the hottie behind you in line at Starbucks. 

So there you have it Betches. All the fun of clicking through profiles without any of the risk that the guy hangs out at weird places. Download Happn now HERE >>


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