6 Lip Colors You Have To Get For Fall

The season of upper lip sweat and actual hell outside is almost over—yay! Which means it’s almost the best time of year: Halloween. Sorry, I mean fall. Fall is my favorite time of year because HALLOWEEN and also, fashion is just better. If you’re looking for something new and trendy for fall but are also moving into the world’s tiniest studio apartment (me) and/or are broke (also me), update your look by investing in one (or all) of this season’s hottest fall lip colors.

1. Oxblood

Deep reds are my favorite fall lip colors, but this year the specific red tone you’ll see everywhere is oxblood. It’s like a burgundy but with more brown/purple in it. Oxblood is one of the best colors ever, and it will look gorgeous on any skin tone. It’s the ultimate edgy lip. Or edgy everything. Seriously, I love this color so much, get clothes with it, do your nails with it, paint your entire face, I don’t care.

MARC JACOBS BEAUTY Le Marc Lip Crème Lipstick in Deep Oxblood

2. Pumpkin

Orange-red is actually my favorite summer lip color, but this year we’re seeings them all over the runway for fall too. I’m kind of obsessed with it. It’s a fun bright twist to probably drab fall attire and I get more use out of this color for longer. We’re calling it pumpkin to make it more festive, but any orange you love will work.

NARS Audacious Lipstick in Vivid Orange Red

3. Magenta/Violet

Another summer staple that can carry you into fall, magentas and violets are super in again. This is a great color range, because you can push it from electric purple to deep berry, depending on your mood. I love purple shades as an alternative to red, and magenta is a sexier way to do pink without looking like a baby prostitute.

ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Liquid Lipstick in Vibrant Plum Magenta

4. Metallics

Metallic lipsticks are a cool, edgy element to add to your look. You can do these in any colors (I especially love it if you’re super adventurous and do a dark purple, blue, or even black), or double up by mixing two of these trends together, like a magenta or nude metal. It’s an easy way to update your go-to color.

URBAN DECAY Vice Lipstick in Trance-Metallized

5. Brown

In true 90’s fashion, brown lipsticks are back. Wear these with your flannels and space buns and Doc Martens. I love this trend and I feel like an angsty teenager when I line my eyes with black kohl and put this on. You will look like a Nirvana video reject, but like, in a chic way. Reapply often, as dark lipsticks may fall victim to butthole lips, which is not cute.

SMASHBOX Be Legendary Lipstick in Coffee Run

6. No-Makeup Nudes

Kylie Jenner didn’t become a billionaire for nothing. Nude lips are still everywhere. However, this fall, “no-makeup” makeup is all the rage. You know, where you look like a Victoria’s Secret model but you pretend you did not use 17 products to achieve this look? That. Nude lipstick does not mean choosing a color identical to your natural lips—you’ll want to pick a shade that is similar, with a slightly enhanced color. Depending on your skin tone, go a little more peach, pink, or plum. Texture is super important with nude lips, so get something that goes on soft and creamy, not chalky, like this Too Faced one.

TOO FACED Natural Nudes Lipstick in Skinny Dippin’

Images: Frankie Cordoba / Unsplash; Sephora (6)
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