6 Chic Winter Essentials That Will Keep You Warm And Looking Cute

If there’s one thing betches love about the winter and freezing temperatures, it’s that it means we can finally go skiing. Skiing is the most (and only) betchy sport worth exerting effort and (possibly) breaking a cold sweat over. Not only do you sound sporty af to all your cuffing flings because you somehow have the hand-eye coordination to balance on two skis, but you also sound like, v classy. Planning on a ski trip usually consists of some elaborate vacay in the mountains, blacking out next to a fireplace, and attempting to look chic and pretty in a snow-looking suit. While ski attire isn’t always all that cute, there are some v chic options to pull off so you can at least say you tried.

1. **SNO White Faux Fur Hood Ski Jacket

Made exclusively for hitting the slopes, the all-white coat comes with a faux fur hood for utmost comfort, warmth, and mobility so you can like, flail your arms if you fall or something.

2. Vince Seamed Stirrup Pants

These sleek all-black leggings were basically made with an active lifestyle in mind. They’re probs tight enough where snow won’t fall in through your boot (which is obvs the worst feeling). They come with a stretchy waistband and skinny fit so no matter how bundled up are, you can still look skinny on the bottom. Bless.

3. Ilse Jacobsen Hornbæk Rubber Boot

Most rain and snow boots are seriously fugly. Like honestly, when have you ever looked at someone’s snow boots and thought, “wow, those are pretty effing cute?” These are as simple as they get, because in this case, less is def more. They’re mid-calf waterproof rain boots with a lightweight sole and a bucked design fit for wet, wintry shenanigans.

4. Jack By BB Dakota Alice Sweater

Underneath it all, you have to be pretty tipsy bundled up to keep yourself from going numb. This cable knit turtleneck is super warm and trendy enough to wear out on the town after you’ve burned enough calories on the slopes.

5. The Fur Vault Knitted Mink Fur Headband

Nothing says you’re bougie like vacationing in Aspen while wearing mink fur. Opt for a headband because it doesn’t give you hat hair and like, it’s v thick so it’ll keep you both warm and somewhat fashionable.

6. The North Face Women’s TKA 100 Glove

I honestly lose gloves like I lose my Chapstick, bobby pins, debit card, and dignity. At the very least, these are a must-have when packing for skiing, so you won’t want to lose them. Designed for sports and all that shit, they’re lightweight fleece gloves that keep your fingers from falling off in freezing temps.